1st International Solar Fuels Conference (ISF-1)


Thanks to all participants at ISF-1 for making the conference a success!



The 1st International Solar Fuels Conference (ISF-1) took place in Uppsala, Sweden from April 26 - May 1, 2015. Chairpersons: Stenbjörn Styring and Peter Lindblad.


The next International Solar Fuels Conference, ISF.2, will be held in San Diego, USA, on July 6-10 2017.

For more information please go to: isf2.ucsd.edu



ISF-1 Organizing committee    



International committee    


Leif Hammarström

Vincent Artero

Ann Magnuson

Dick Co

Johannes Messinger

Holger Dau

Sascha Ott

Kazunari Domen

Licheng Sun

Maria Ghirardi

Karin Stensjö

Anders Hagfeldt

Villy Sundström

Haruo Inoue

Anders Thapper

Roel van de Krol

Wolfgang Lubitz

Stephen Mayfield

Thomas J Meyer

Alison Smith

Michael Wasielewski

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Last updated February 17 2015