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The Swedish Consortium for Artificial Photosynthesis is a collaborative research environment with the purpose of advancing the science and utilization of solar fuels - fuel from solar energy. We bring together leading scientists with expertise in molecular biology, biophysics and biochemistry, synthetic chemistry and chemical physics. Together we do fundamental and applied research, developing solutions for a sustainable future. 


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While waiting for the on-site ISF conference series to resume, we are co-organizing an online Solar Fuels conference together with the Royal Society of Chemistry and CNRS Grenoble Alpes, ISF 2021.

The conference will host some of the leading solar fuels researchers from around the world. It promises to be a great forum to bring together research leaders and young scientists to discuss the main issues surrounding climate change and energy supply. 

Immediately preceding the main conference, will be the Young conference. The Young conference aims to give as many young researchers as possible the opportunity to present, and will also include keynote talks from mentoring experts and careers advice from the RSC. 

For more information and registration:  International Solar Fuels Conference 2021 

Spotlight on innovation

Image: Cecilia Tilli

Every year Ny Teknika weekly magazine for technology and engineering, publishes a list of the most innovative  young, Swedish tech companies. In 2020, three of these were founded at the Department for Chemistry - Ångström at Uppsala university. The startup company Peafowl Solar Power was started 2018 by the CAP member Jacinto Sá. The company has developed a new type of solar cell generating electrical current using plasmon nano particles. Peafowlsolarpower.com

January 2021: Gerrit Boschloo, Marina Freitag, Leif Hammarström, Erik M J Johansson, Jacinto Sá , Haining Tian, published a feature article in Nanotechnology:

Dye sensitized solar cells In: Nanotechnology for catalysis and solar energy conversion


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Presently the Swedish Consortium for Artificial Photosynthesis follows the official recommendations to practice social distancing, and to work from home when feasible. This means that all CAP meetings are planned to be held remotely until further notice. 

However, we continue to give scientific seminars/webinars, utilizing online meeting tools such as Zoom. So keep an eye on our calendar and check in on our News and Events page every now and then, to see what's next.

Stay safe!

Participants in the CAP workshop in Sigtuna, Sweden, April 26-27, 2018.

Participants in the CAP workshop in Sigtuna, Sweden, April 26-27, 2018.

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