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Upcoming seminars and events

Wednesday December 12: Uppsala renewable energy symposium

Time: 9:00 - 15:30

Place: Ångström laboratory: Seminar room in House 7, floor 1.


9:00-9:45 Licheng Sun (KTH): "Water-splitting catalysis and O-O bond formation mechanisms in natural and artificial photosynthesis."

9:45 - 10:15 Coffee break

10:15-10:45  Leif Hammarström (Uppsala univ.): "Proton-coupled electron transfer controlling solar fuels catalysis."

10:45-11:15  Pieter Glätzel (ESRF, Grenoble): tba

11:15-11:45  Wai Ling Kwong (Uppsala univ.): "Earth-abundant catalysts for electrochemical water splitting in acidic conditions."

11:45 - 13:00  lunch

13:00-14:00  Thomas F.  Jaramillo (Stanford, USA): "New catalysts and new routes for the sustainable production of fuels and chemicals."

14:00-14:30  Elodie Anxolabehere-Mallart (Paris Diderot): "Two stories of electrochemical catalysis using Co or Fe Complexes: CO2 reduction and H2 evolution."

14:30-15:00  Tomas Edvinsson (Uppsala univ.): "Engineering of Ni-based nanocatalysts for solar driven water splitting."

15:00-15:30  Sascha Ott (Uppsala univ.): "Hydrogen Evolution from Molecular Catalysts inside Metal-Organic Frameworks."

15:30 Coffee, (taxis to airport at 16:00)

Previous news and events

The First European Congress on Photosynthesis Research was a success!

Over 400 delegates from Europe, and all over the world, discussed recent findings in natural and artificial photosynthesison June 25 - 28, 2018. To see what it was all about, go to the conference homepage: ePS1.org

One of our prominent invited speakers, Junko Yano from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, was interviewed in Swedish national radio. You can listen to the program here (mostly in Swedish).

The CAP workshop 2018

Our annual workshop was held at Sigtunahöjden in Sigtuna, on April 26-27. Thanks for all the interesting presentations everyone, you made the workshop great!

Participants on the 2018 CAP workshop in Sigtuna, basking in the April sun.

An osprey was seen flying past the workshop venue.

The Ångström laboratory (in 2010)

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