Picks of our best science in 2022

November 2022:

Anup Rana, Leandro Cid Gomes, João S. Rodrigues, Dalia M. M. Yacout, Hugo Arrou-Vignod, Johan Sjölander, Nathalie Proos Vedin, Ouissam El Bakouri, Karin Stensjö, Peter Lindblad, Leena Andersson, Cecilia Sundberg, Mathias Berglund, Pia Lindberg* and Henrik Ottosson* published an article in Green Chemistry:

A combined photobiological–photochemical route to C10 cycloalkane jet fuels from carbon dioxide via isoprene.

July 2022:

Belinda Pettersson Rimgard, Giovanny A. Parada, Laura F. Cotter, Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, James M. Mayer and Leif Hammarström published an article in ScienceProton-coupled energy transfer in molecular triads.

Abstract: We experimentally discovered and theoretically analyzed a photochemical mechanism, which we term proton-coupled energy transfer (PCEnT). A series of anthracene-phenol-pyridine triads formed a local excited anthracene state after light excitation at a wavelength of ~400 nanometers (nm), which led to fluorescence around 550 nm from the phenol-pyridine unit. Direct excitation of phenol-pyridine would have required ~330-nm light, but the coupled proton transfer within the phenol-pyridine unit lowered its excited-state energy so that it could accept excitation energy from anthracene. Singlet-singlet energy transfer thus occurred despite the lack of spectral overlap between the anthracene fluorescence and the phenol-pyridine absorption. Moreover, theoretical calculations indicated negligible charge transfer between the anthracene andphenol-pyridine units. We construe PCEnT as an elementary reaction of possible relevance to biological systems and future photonic devices.

April 2022: 

Sicong Wang, Bin Cai and Haining Tian published an article in Angewandte Chemie: 

Efficient Generation of Hydrogen Peroxide and Formate by an Organic Polymer Dots Photocatalyst in Alkaline Conditions.

March 2022: 

Ashleigh T. Castner, Hao Su, Erik Svensson Grape, A. Ken Inge, Ben A. Johnson*, Mårten S. G. Ahlquist*, and Sascha Ott* published an article in Journal of the American Chemical Society: 

Microscopic Insights into Cation-Coupled Electron Hopping Transport in a Metal–Organic Framework

March 2022: Marco Lorenzi,  Pierre Ceccaldi, Patricia Rodríguez‑Maciá, HollyJayne Redman, Afridi Zamader,  James A. Birrell, Livia S. Mészáros, and Gustav Berggren published an article in Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry: 

Stability of the H‑cluster under whole‑cell conditions—formation of an Htrans‑like state and its reactivity towards oxygen.

February 2022:

Xufeng Liu, Hao Xie, Stamatina Roussou and Peter Lindblad published an article in Current Opinion in Biotechnology:

Current advances in engineering cyanobacteria and their applications for photosynthetic butanol production

January 2022: 

Robin Tyburski and Leif Hammarström published an article in Chemical Science:

Strategies for switching the mechanism of proton-coupled electron transfer reactions illustrated by mechanistic zone diagrams.